The Dad Factor

Family Portrait Tip #3

The Dad Factor? Ok dads, I could go on and on about all the wonderful qualities you bring to the family and I could point out why you should be more like this guy here but we’re talking about your family portraits here and when it comes to annual pictures you can sometimes be a party pooper and many of you are wasting a chunk of money.

boy on dad's shoulders

Although I get that many dads just hate photo shoots and even fail to see much value in it, I can’t say it makes sense to waste that money spent during the shoot, by inflicting that photo hate on the family. I know they say if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. Well …the same for the daddios.  I love you men, and I’m truly talking about the group collectively, not just one or two…..which is why this topic gets its own post.

So, husbands, wives, make a trade in advance. If husband does photos … happily enough, wife will … host an ESPN night with favorite foods, withhold two months of shopping, etc etc. Whatever you come up with. Basically, bribe yo’ husbands for photo shoots, just like you know even the strictest of moms bribes her kids come photo shoot time.

Work it out, offer a helping hand to each other, fake a good attitude for 2 hours, and enjoy the bribe. If nothing else, then you’re not wasting money like buying baseball tickets and only catching the first inning.

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