The DO’S and DONT’S of what to wear: Preparing for your Senior Pictures

Your clothing choice is very important to your photo session. Clothing can make or break a portrait. It is a good idea to stay true to your own personal style but also keep in mind what reads best on camera. We are creating art and clothing can be a great opportunity to make that art come to life.

There are many options to select from when sorting through your closets. You may like monochromatic neutrals, high waisted denim, floral maxi dresses or the trending bomber jackets that are super popular at the moment. Whatever you land on be sure to keep these five rules in mind for a successful session:

1. Bring a variety of outfits that show off your true personality:

Bring at least one classic outfit with jeans, shorts, dresses, skirts and etc. Mix it up! The same outfits of the same color/style over and over again will not show a lot of variety.

2. Wear tailored clothing that accentuates your best features:

Find clothing that helps show your waist because you don’t want to look like a square or worse yet like you are wearing a frumpy trash bag. Please remember to iron your outfits too because wrinkles are never in fashion.

3. Select functional clothing:

This one is HUGE. If you opt for super short skirts or low cut necklines it limits the poses your photographer can pick for you because they are immediately handicapped by what your outfit will “allow”. During the session plan to sit, squat and bend over in a variety of different poses. If you want to get the most out of your session you’ll want to be able to pose comfortably.

4. Look for clothing that has ruffles, pleats, pockets or rouching and texture:

These simple textures can help hide problem areas but also look great on camera. Avoid busy patterns, logos and camouflage. Adding layers like lightweight cardi’s, denim jackets and kimono’s is a also a smart idea. (I was just at H&M yesterday and they have some cute kimono’s on their racks!)

5. Wear undergarments that match or blend seamlessly with what you are wearing:

Visible bra straps or mismatched socks are a nightmare to work around and can actually prolong your session as the photographer has to pose and repose to hide these distracting elements.

These simple and easily applied guidelines also work for the guys! I wanted to quickly offer this quick look of a few images we captured while I finish up the rest of Grant’s proofing gallery. We took these pictures of Grant a week or so ago and he nailed his outfit selections. He used texture, layers and accessories to achieve a simple but high impact portrait. We decided to shoot at the Indianapolis War memorial which I thought would really emphasize him and leave a clean city landscape in the background which fits well with his casual modern vibe.


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